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No Reply, Beatles 1964

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"No Reply" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1964 album Beatles for Sale.  

The lyrics typify Lennon's more introspective and mature songwriting on the Beatles for Sale album.



Dedicated to all peoples that have nowhere to go, or no one to get support from. Open your hearts and ears, there are still good people in this world!!!


Also dedicated to our dear administrator who never fails to reply, and the title "No Reply" does not apply to him.  Love your replies, Paul Hackett!!!

We appreciate your dedication and inspiration!


Feedback is much appreciated.



Posted : 15/11/2022 1:33 pm
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Paul Hackett
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Ooh, I really like this one, Rene.
Usually I prefer later Beatles stuff. But this is one of my favorite early Beatles songs. I think there's a lot of emotion in the singing which is missing from a lot of their "fun" pop songs. This one has real feeling.
Your version is different from the original, but that difference is what makes it so nice to listen to. You change it around enough to make it your own, while staying respectful to the original. Keep on doing what you're doing.
I'll always reply to your posts, which also remind me to visit your Youtube channel to see what else you've posted. It's worth subscribing for anyone who finds this post sometime in the future:

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Posted : 15/11/2022 4:55 pm