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Winter Wonderland, ...
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Winter Wonderland, 1934

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Rene A
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Winter Wonderland, Music by Felix Bernard, Words by Dick Smith.
Composed in 1934, and originally sang by Richard Himber.
The song is about a couple's romance during the winter season.

December is always a joyous occasion with lots of music and food, and lights, and parols, and more food!!! I also always associate this occasion with cold weather and white snow.
I remember Mama would bring out grapes and apples on the midnight of the 24th, which is a very special treat for all of us.

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

Feedback is much appreciated.

Posted : 07/12/2022 11:49 pm
Paul Hackett reacted
Paul Hackett
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Great job. Thanks for sharing Rene.

I love all the 'ber months. As I get older I'm less grumpy about Christmas music. It's such a strong connection to the past. I really like your version of Winter Wonderland. The long jazzy intro you played was really lovely.

Merry Christmas, Rene.

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