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The End Of The Inno...
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The End Of The Innocence, Don Henley 1989

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"The End of the Innocence" is the lead single and title track from Don Henley's third solo studio album of the same name, released in 1989. Henley co-wrote and co-produced the song with Bruce Hornsby, who also performed piano.

This song is dedicated to the truth. For 2023, my wish is that all peoples be granted the wisdom and the understanding to hear, see and discern the truth.  

May Peace, Hope and Understanding prevail in the hearts of all peoples!!!
Love is the Greatest!!!

Feedback is much appreciated

Posted : 31/12/2022 1:33 pm
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I love it.

Goes to show there is no such thing as a guitar song or a piano song. Every song can be arranged for the instrument you play. I like the little riff you play, very tasteful.

Have a happy new year Rene! Hope to see you around in 2023.

Guitar Noises Newsletter

Posted : 31/12/2022 3:46 pm
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Hi Paul,

I am hoping 2023 brings about a lot of movement and more guitar noise!!!

Thank you!!!



Posted : 02/01/2023 7:31 pm