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Till Life Do Us Par...
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Till Life Do Us Part

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Hey Gang.. long time no see.. been down for a few months.. had my non deaf ear infected and down with some real ick for a long long time.. absolutely next to being totally deaf.. BUT I am mostly recovered and back at it.

This is my getting back on the musical horse work, I just finished it a few hours ago.

The mix is still pending, being I still hear things like it is at the end of a tunnel, and with only one ear, if anyone has the time and patience to maybe have a listen .. the song has a lot of dynamic changes right down to the guitar/choir/orchestra at the end and quite honestly, it sounds to a one eared guy in a tunnel like I am close..

Needles to say I am still quite insecure that it even has merit, so I would enjoy any feedback.. especially (part at 3:10 is horrid) kinds of thoughts.

There are two maybe 3 MP3 conversion clicks and pops I will clean up on the final ... I here those in there.. it was a conversion thing, not a mix thing.

Anyways, without further adieu, I present
Till Life Do Us Part

An exercise in trying to get back on the horse.

The lyrics are a bit dark, hopefully the humor in the music balances it to be fun rather than creepy.

Thanks again.. peace~!

Posted : 01/05/2010 5:03 pm
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The beginning is surprising! I like it.

I think I already told you. Some of your songs (perhaps some chords progressions, tones or ideas) remind to some The Beatles songs (in general, not a specific song neither a part of your songs).

The part at 3:10 sounds good to me.

Congrats and welcome back!

Posted : 11/05/2010 2:28 pm