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The Beatles - Let I...
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The Beatles - Let It Be (finger style)

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Enjoy. It's atrocious :]

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It is a very good attempt... don't be so hard on yourself!

My only suggestions right now would be to try to let the notes ring out longer... don't lift your fingers off until you absolutely have to and try not to lift your fingers so far off the fretboard.

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Hey nice job!!

Did I see a page turn??? LOL, nice job keeping the flow and doing that.

I do agree with lue42 about the lifting the fingers, I also think that when you are fingerpicking, you seem like you are following the notes exactly as written as far as duration....I am of the opinion that when playing this style, you can add more feeling to it if you follow the music from the guitar, and not necessarily on the page. Not memorizing, I still use sheet music, but adding your own type of flavor.

Great job!!! I enjoyed listening to it, and I ignored what you said to ignore LOL. Great job!! Keep it up!!

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Hey ,....
That is not so bad you are way too hard on yourself - Far better than I can do - so don't be your own worst critic :)

You are the driver of your musical license - Never say ya crap or anything - Just be the best you can be , millions can't even hold a chord -

Good job I say

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That was very nice. Your well on your way. I think once you really get it down, and play it without following the written note, it will really fill in, and smooth out. I do the same thing myself. I need to play with the head, and heart, and not the eyes

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Pretty good...How do you play with such long finger nails?

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I can't play a thing finger picking, pretty cool.