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Amp Sims for PC Questions and DAW

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I have a Focusrite scarlet 2i2 2nd gen coming and I want to know some good free amp sims to try out before I commit to buying anything. Also any information on doing this for the first time would be great. Video Links, Forum links, etc. I play mostly Blues to Blues Rock some hard rock. I also Want to Know about DAWs. Do You need this for the sims to work. I do a little light recording now but this is just mainly going to be used for the amp sims and effects. I want to use this as a headphone amp that I can play along to the programs on my computer that slow down video and audio

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I can speak a little to the Focusrite as that you'll really like it! Easy to use and no latency or noise introduced.
As far as a DAW goes I have downloaded and played with way too many to count. I'm just a bedroom guitar player/recorder and found that the Free version of Tracktion (ver5) works really well. It's a little different than other DAW's but there are plenty of tutorials on it and you an import any effects whether free or paid.