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Firewire Solo

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I'm running my guitar through and M-AUdio Firewire Solo and trying to record in Garageband. I had it set up so that I was able to record and then something happened. I can't seem to get the settings inside the Firewire Solo back to where they were and no I can't record anymore. Does anyone know what the settings should be?

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Another Mac user here. I record my guitar in GarageBand through a Zoom G2.1u with an USB port. I try to describe my procedure.

When I plug the USB connector, sometimes (I think, when the GarageBand is running) a dialog ask if you want to use the new sound input. If you select "Yes", then that input will be recorded. If the dialog doesn't appear, open the GarageBand Preferences and set the M-Audio as input audio device.

Then, you must add a new track and select it as "recording" with the first left button in this track. Press the big red button and play. Your sounds will be recorded.