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How do I do anythin...
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How do I do anything?

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I've been wanting to record some stuff - I've only been playing for about a year so none of my stuff is good yet, or ever will be :D
I've heard thing about this contraption called a mixer that by some sorcery allows me to record a part and then go back and record another part so it sounds as if they were being played together.
I have no idea how this technology is possible or how to go about buying the right one but I'm looking to be able to play and sing into it and would like to be able to transfer it to a computer - but if that's something that's pretty complicated we can forget about that part.
If you all could just help me choose the right machine to use that'd be great. I don't have any real amount of money so something somewhat cheap but not a complete POS would be wonderful.



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join the ranks of home studio beginners. I am one. a mixer as you describe does not do that.
it does adjust the mix of two separate tracks.
you record one of your parts on one track. then with headphones or monitor you play and add the other track.
you can repeat this many times or add drums, bass, vocal. a;l; on differnt tracks.
cool. how does one do that?!

look here for help.

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You can get a 4-track recorder for sensible money these days, or Audacity is a freebie for your PC and a lot of us here use it.


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hey i recently bought an alesis 8 track mixer that I can plug in to a usb port (there is a firewire port version as well). and it comes with cubase LE, all for $150 brand new on EBay. if you have a computer, this is a great option to get you started.