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MIDI confusion
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MIDI confusion

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I'm a bit confused about MIDI. Is a keyboard with MIDI output necessarily a MIDI controller? What is required for MIDI inputing?

I ask because I can't get it working. I've got this keyboard which only has a MIDI output jack:
I also have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 which has MIDI i/o. All I've done is connect from the output jack of the keyboard to the input of the Audiophile with a MIDI cable and then selected "MIDI output ON" on the keyboard - the only MIDI optionbutton there is on this thing - the fact that it only has a MIDI onof is what made me wonder if I need a separate MIDI controller or something to go in between them.

My problem is, that my software (Pro-tools, Cubase and Absynth) receives no MIDI input. Even though I've read many guides on setting it up - I've got the MIDI input selected as my Audiophile MIDI in, and the output to Microsoft GS Wavetable. Not that the output is at all relevent. Its the lack of input signal that is my immediate concern.

I'm pretty sure I've set up my software correctly. I've tried every option. So I'm thinking its my gear. Anyone know?

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Probably your gear. Could be the MIDI out of the keyboard, the MIDI interface (M-Audio device) or a MIDI cable.

MIDI out is MIDI out. I'm surprised the keyboard doesn't have MIDI in as well (although that doesn't matter for this), after all, it said "professional" in the description.

Try going straight from the MIDI out

It would be easy to test if you had more than one MIDI device, so if you know anyone with another MIDI keyboard, guitar, or controller, you could see if it works with that. Or if someone you know has a USB to MIDI interface, you might try that as well.

The difference between a MIDI controller and a synth is that a controller has no internal voices and needs an external sound module to make noise.

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you do know that a MIDI keyboard or controller does not make sound. you need to input a sound source. ie> a VST instrument.
in Cubase those are found under Devices.

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Sounds like you have everything connected right. When you're using Cubase, you have to set the track to recording if you want sound to go through. Apart from that, I can't think of anything. Faulty cable maybe?

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I am connecting my V-AMP2 via a MIDI breakout cable to my PC´s soundcard (gameport).
When I connected everything right , cable marked input to midi input of V-AMP, nothing worked.
But then I swopped the midi cables into the V-AMP everything worked.
Just a hunch, but it might also work for you.
PS Do you hear any Keyboard sound when you just use Windows sound controls and set midi volume to max ?

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