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Putting together a ...
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Putting together a system to record on my computer

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Ok first and foremost I want to be able to record my music guitars , vocals on my computer .

I don't have a clue how to do so and I need advice from ground level doing so . What things do I need to be able to get some descent recordings .

If anyone can address this issue for me it would be appreciated .

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Start with a digital interface - computer one side, guitars/ mics plug in the other.

Software for recording/ editing - some should come free with the interface. Otherwise, Audacity is free.

We get some decent deals here in the UK. I've bought stuff from GAK before now - here's a link to an inexpensive interface so you can check out the spec of what you're aiming to get:

If you need something portable, then get something like the Boss Micro BR which can export via USB in WAV or mp3 format - built-in condenser mic, guitar input and a number of amp models.

Don't spend a shedload of cash at first. Buy inexpensive, and work out exactly what you want the kit to do.

Don't forget the mic, stand and XLR cable if you're using condenser mics - you'll need phantom power.

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