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Recording bass guitar

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Hi guitarnoise

I want to record my bass guitar but I don't want to hook it up to my laptop.

What is the best way ( mic placement and such) to record bass. and do you guys have some other hints and tricks. Or just things I should know that will help me out ?



Ps: I can hook up 2 mics to a Tascam US200.

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When I record bass I always plug in to the laptop via an external audio card or similar device. I use AudioKontrol if I want to add effects or modeling later (in Cubase or GarageBand) or a Korg Pandora 4 if I want to use its effects and patches.

To mic the amp can be very, very complicated and perhaps you will get a better sound if you plug in the bass directly.

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It's common practice to both mic an amp as well as use a DI. As far as mic placement, use your ears. You'll get more treble toward the center of the cone. An sm 57 slightly off axis is always a good bet.