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Sonar 6.2 ignores A...
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Sonar 6.2 ignores A4 and B4?

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This is slightly off-topic for Guitarnoise, but I'm having a bizarre issue with Sonar reading MIDI.

What could cause Sonar to completely ignore the notes A4 and B4 from my MIDI keyboard?

I'm using Sonar 6.2 Producer Edition with a Yamaha PSR-640 keyboard as my controller. For some reason Sonar refuses to acknowledge those two notes in any of its synthesizers, even ReWire synths ignore them. (Dimenson, Session Drummer, Reason)

The notes don't even record, if I record a scale being played there are blank spaces on the piano roll where those notes should be.

As far as I can tell, it is not a keyboard problem, because the notes A4 and B4 are ignored regardless of how my keyboard is transposed, and those notes play perfectly well in other synths. If I run Reason by itself, the notes come through fine.

Sonar will play back those notes normally, if I enter them manually in the piano roll, but it just refuses to record them. Any idea why?



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