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Eilen Jewel Band

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This is one of my favorite local (Boston/Cambridge) bands, the Eilen Jewel Band. I think a lot of people around here would appreciate them. They play a combination of originals and covers in a style reminiscent of early blues with a Lucinda Williams/Gillian Welch influence.

Mostly accoustic (this CD is all accoustic), though they will sometimes add a growling old electric archtop to the mix when live.

You can buy or just listen to their first CD as a full band at CDBaby and check out the bands website for a couple newer songs and show times. The first CD is a nicely recorded live set. They are just now headed into the studio for their first produced CD, but they are still unsigned. These guys are at the heart of Cambridges growing roots community and really deserve a listen if you like blues or country that doesn't sound like the stuff they play on CMT.

Posted : 16/01/2006 2:10 pm