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Play like the BIG bands from the guy that taught them

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Many people want to play the guitar well, but lack the knowledge or the skills how… Now you can take the benefit of 14 years experience and apply it to your guitar learning to speed the rate of your learning and increase your guitar playing skills much faster than ever before.
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Learn to Play Guitar with Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit which includes books for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.
“GuitEarIt” – an ear training game that develops your ear to recognize all 36 major, minor, and seventh cords.
“Jayde Musica Pro” – a game created to help you read music that is both fun and will increase the speed of your music reading immensely!
Access to hundreds of recorded song files which explain how to play over 50 popular songs! Amaze your friends!
And much more…
Skip the ineffective methods that don't deliver results, and let Ben and the team teach you how to slash your frustrations and learn to play songs your friends will love to hear.

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Posted : 16/01/2006 12:08 am