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Everybody, I need y...
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Everybody, I need your help!

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Hi everyone, My name is GuitarGeorge and I'm new to this forum.
There is something that I need your help with. I am a guitar teacher who is
creating something new that I would like to share with you. But I need you to tell me
how to do it . I'm working a new guitar instructional project and I would like you to tell me
what you would like to see on it. If you could help me I will gladly give you a copy of it FREE
as soon as it is ready. It is mostly complete but I want to make sure I include everything
you are interested in learning. I put up a simple questionaire and it will take you probably
less than one minute to complete and just for helping me out I'll be more than happy to give
you a copy. Thanks for all your help, talk to you again soon.

Posted : 25/10/2008 6:13 pm
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Hi George and welcome to Guitar Noise.

I took the liberty of moving your thread here to the "promotions" department, hopefully for obvious reasons.

Good luck with the project and I hope you get the feedback you're looking for.


Posted : 25/10/2008 9:32 pm
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Hi George, welcome to guitar noise.

I filled in your online questionaire and wish you good luck. I think the online guitar teaching market is fairly crowded, this site and are amongst the very best. That is the standard you need to aiming for.

Before someone else asks you..... With a name like 'guitargeorge' do you really know all the chords? :mrgreen:


There are too many songs that have an 'F' chord in them.

Posted : 26/10/2008 6:30 am