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Excelent Acoustic Guitar book free with Magazine

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I have a book, well, its more like a thick magazine, called the 'Guitarist Book of Acoustic' which I bought from WH Smiths a year or two ago for £12.99. It is the best guitar 'book' I own. I can't remember all the articles but it includes:

- the best 50 (?) acoustic CD's of all time
- 10 of the best acoustic guitars of all time
- interviews with/articles about all the acoustic greats (shed loads of these and all the big names are included)
- play like 'x' - Johnny Cash and a few other styles
- full tab for a few acoustic songs including Layla and Streets of London

it also comes with a CD.

Anyway, I still pick it up and flick through it regularly now. And the reason I am mentioning it is because it is currently being given away free with a subscription to Guitarist Magazine. I'm posting this here, rather than in the reviews bit as I don't know when the offer will end and I want to give people the opportunity to see it.

If the offer has ended by the time you read this, if you are into acoustic guitar I suggest you try and track the Guitarist Book of Acoustic down anyway.


Posted : 24/10/2008 7:53 am
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Nice review and thanks for the tip! I saw several ads for that book in the magazines but I didn't guess that contains that topics.


Posted : 24/10/2008 10:23 am
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The US offer isn't as good:

US Subscription page

Posted : 24/10/2008 11:58 am