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Acoustic electric guitar question

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Hello people!!

I got a nice question here and I'd like some advice and opinions!

Unfortunately my Ovation has some problems (its a 1979 American) instead of fixing it Im thinking of buying a new guitar or... Purchasing a "seymor duncan mag mic 6 pickup" and use it with my Fender Acoustic guitar that has a REALLY great sound unplugged.

Im really considered about the sound quality cos Im a live performer and I play gigs every night during the summer and on fridays and saturdays and special events in the winter.

If I buy a new guitar it would be at the price range between 800 to 1200 dollars.

Has anyone had any expirience with the seymor duncan mag mic?

I am after a good sound when the guitar is plugged in.

Can anyone express opinions? Should I go for a guitar and what would you recomend? or should I go for the seymor duncan?

I cant post links cos Im new here so I cant post a link to the mag mic seymor duncan but u can google it.


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I do not like the sound of acoustic/electric guitars personally, but the fishman aura is the best I've encountered, I'd be very surprised if a mag pickup doesn't color the sound too much, plus it would undoubtedly limit your string options as non conductive materials like brass, bronze and zinc would be out. I'm selling a martin 000 right now that I got in a trade and the going price of that would only double the price of the SD mag mic, around $500. Have you considered buying a real nice condenser and micing the fender?