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After all this time...
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After all this time....

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I decided the best way to go is get a ‘practice' amp and use it, also, as a monitor, running it through the sound system of my church. Do they make a smaller amplifier that has that output capability? Thanks for all the help and your patience. I just want to make sure I get exactly what I need and do not have a clue concerning bass guitar equipment.

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Hey Jack,

If you are looking to go really cheap, just about any practice amp has a headphone jack, you can go to your local Radio Shack and get a 1/4 inch headphone to RCA cable and run that into your church's sound system. I do that for fun on my home stereo system, (I've got a nice home stereo and a cheap amp.) Just be careful of sending too much power through the headphone jack, start with your amp volume at 3 and adjust up until it sounds like it is about the same volume as the other stuff coming through the sound system.

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The Peavey Vypyr 15 has a studio quality line out as well as headphones. Pretty cool amp for the price.