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Are effects loops only used if you use the amps distortion?

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I have a Fender Twin. I play thru the clean channel using a tube screamer and rat in the front of the amp
and I use stereo chorus, phaser, and delay in the effects loop. I don't use the amps distortion. Is the
main purpose of the effects loop to use only if you're using the amps gain. If I only use stompboxes thru the
clean channel would it be better to place all of the pedals in front of the amp?

Thanks if you can answer my question.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Try this:

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Sounds like you have it set up quite OK.

You could also have all up front, but IMO the less pedals in front of the preamp, the better. They suck tone, even if they were true bypass, and it's always best to have the cleanest, purest and strongest possible signal from the guitar to preamp.

That said, can't use drives in the loop, only time-based etc. stuff so you're doing it just right.

Even better would be to use a multiFX unit with adjustable gain etc. in the loop instead of pedals.


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