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boss gt6 and peavey...
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boss gt6 and peavey firebass 700

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hey peeps!!!

Im planning on getting a boss gt6 in a few days but i have some concernes that i need help with first. the music i play is generally proper heavy metal like metallica ect, so i need a goog palm muted sound, but some reviews of the gt6 say that its main weakness is the palm muted sound it gives on the metal distortian setting. does anyone have some sound clips or any kinda help on this subject.

secondly, the bassist in my band wants a firebass 700, but hes confused about the power rating system. it says it can run at 475 watts at 4 ohms and 700 watts at 2 ohms "program". what does the program bit mean?

cheers!  swiss

bin playing for 7 years or so.....even lost 15% of hearin in my right ear after the last gig