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Buy with no try?
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Buy with no try?

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My son has a chance of buying a Mark Tremonti MT-15 which has absolutely great reviews. All the music shops where we live are saying they can't get them in and won't be able to until after Christmas  because of corona. We are able to get one from interstate that can be shipped here. Our borders are shut so we can't go and play it. Question is. Do we buy it without trying it? 

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Check the Seller's Returns Policy. If it turns up faulty that's one thing but if it turns up and you just don't like it then you may not be able to send it back.

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It's an interesting dilemma. Lots of us have bought instruments online without playing them before. So that's not a new thing.

Alan's right. Make sure you understand the Seller's return policy. In the end, "should I buy" questions can only be answered by the person asking.

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