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Help with Crate combo FXT 120 wiring of speaker #2

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After playing a show, I unloaded my Guitars and Amp. Set everything back up in my room, and noticed that one of my speakers in the back of the Amp is no longer wired to anything lol.     

So the Crate combo FXT 120 has 2 - 12" speakers.     

 Speaker #1, has a red and black wire attached to it, that comes down from the 'head' of the combo.  Thats fine.     

Speaker #2, has a red and black wire attached to the speaker, but whatever it was attached TO, it no longer is lol.  They got pulled off.  
And it wasnt soldered. It has ends that look like they slide onto 'tabs'    

It appears, speaker #1, where the black and red wire attach from the "head' of the combo, have 2 'tabs' on either side of it, that look like speaker #2, would attach to it.     

Can anyone confirm this?
And if the answer is 'yes', would black attach to black,, and red attach to red? or black to red and red to black? 

I have two photos in jpeg format, but I don't think I can post them here.
Please forgive my ignorance lol.