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Danelectro Wasabi Distortion Pedal...AWESOME!

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I just scored a Danelectro Wasabi Distortion pedal from eBay for $28! It came in today and MAN this thing is SWEET! Check out the sound clips on Musician's Friend in the link. Also enlarge the picture. This thing can nail so many types of distortions it's fantastic. The sound clips are not enhanced like a lot of them are. This pedal sounds that good. The EQ is has a 5db or 10db boost (you can select which!) and you can select either humbuckers or single coil pickups! There is also a Slap Echo inside the battery compartment! This pedal is also HUGE....Much bigger than the Daddy-O overdrive pedal I have.

I only played with this pedal for 20 minutes but I intend on using this A lot! I am off next week for Spring Break so I plan on doing a review of all the Danelectro pedals I have (and the one's due in next week.)...I am also selling two pedals I don't need anymore on eBay. If you want the link PM me because I don't think we are supposed to post them here.

This is another of those MUST HAVE pedals like the Daddy-O.