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Epiphone Valve Junior Head?

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I'm very intrigued by this amp, but I have yet to find a UK supplier of just the head rather than the combo? Does anyone know where they are for sale?

Thanks. :)


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Somebody from the UK posted a pic recently of the same head for sale there with a brand name other than Epiphone on it. Don't recall the name.

Come to think of it, I couldn't swear that wasn't the combo instead of the head.

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It's the Harley Benton, from

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The Harley Benton also has an eq knob. has anyone played it? Because i've been thinking about the epiphone but the Benton looks good too.

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I believe the re-badged Epiphone is also sold in the UK under the Grainger brand.

In Australia it's sold as the Legacy brand:

There is a Legacy equivalent for all the Epiphones.

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Try these guys. I don't know what their mail order is like cos they've got a store near to me. They're usually pretty good. If they don't have what I want in they can normally get it within a couple of days.


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