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Green Bullet for Harmonica

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I have a Sure 520 DX Green Bullet mic that I use for harp. It came with a extra long cable, maybe 25 feet, already attached. It's a pain in the neck to coil that thing up all the time. What I'd like to do is get rid of the cord and attach a female 1/4 connector to the mic and then use an instrument cable to plug it into my amp. I'm trying to decide if I should leave a few inches and solder the connector onto the existing cable, or if I should take the cable off completely and install the connector at the mic. I've read about people using what's called a "Switchcraft" connector for this purpose, but I can't find specific instructions on how to install it or where to purchase one.

Has anyone else done this? Anybody have a good DIY website for this type of thing?

Thanks in advance!

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Just a couple of points, which don't really answer your main question.

"Switchcraft" connector: I assume they mean a "Switchcraft brand 1/4 inch female connector". Switchcraft being fairly well known for it's quality, and commonly available.

Having a 1/4 inch female connector directly on the mic (if it mechanically fits), or within a few inched of teh mic may be a bad idea, because 1/4 inch connectors don't generally* have a locking mechanism, and you may come unplugged during a particularly enthusiastic performance.

Having a long cable with no connectors in the middle has less failure points (less things to go wrong) than a connector on/near the mic, then another at the amp.

* Neutrik makes a locking female 1/4 inch connector, but it is bigger than Switchcraft's connector.
If you are going to put a female connector in-line, I'd suggest one of those, but put it 3-4 feet from the mic, so you can tuck the connectors into a pocket, or your belt for strain relief.

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