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guitar pedals for vocals...

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heya, i want to get a delay effect going on my vocals...but can i just use or guitar delay pedal? iv been trying to find a pedal or pedals for vocals...but cant find anything. except the digitek multieffect pedal that looks like a cheap plastic toy and that advertises being able to create anything from 'darth vader to chimonks and strange alien beings' ... not exectly what im after :S

anyone used anythign else? iv used a chorus pedal for vocals and it seemed to work issue was that im using a shure sm58 that has shockingly low output power as with the added impedance of a pedal i found i had to boost the volume a lot....near max....and it wasnt even a noisy room :S

thanks people :)

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You may benefit from using a mic preamp ahead of other effects.

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The Digitech Vocalist has a lot of nice settings that are user friendly and sound OK.

If you want to use pedals for voice, that's fine! Marshall Crenshaw, one of my favorite pop musicians, did his whole first album on 9v pedals- he called his recording outfit "9 Volt Studios". There is a lot you can do with pedals, some sound better than rack units, IMO.

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You can use stomp boxes, I have. Are you going straight to the pedal, cause you no doubt have a low impedance mic running into a high impedance stomp box. Do you have some sort of a mixer? Try putting the stomp box in the mixer's effects loop or there are even low end processors you can get fairly cheap. I saw Cheap Trick a couple of years back and noticed an orange stomp box plugged into the massive sound board with some patch cables. There is a song, the title slips my mind right now, that Rick Nielson sings that has a garbled sounding vocal at the beginning. I'm assuming the pedal is a flanger for guitar and it is what they use to achieve the effect.

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