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Peavey MACE

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Ok I jammed with some guys last night and of course i brought my HRD and the other guitar player loved it (he was playing a cybertwin) (IMHO POS) Anyway he said come back here let me show you some other amps I have, He had a Fender Twin (original) a peavey classic 50 tweed head, and a Peavey Mace, now the MACE was out so I plugged up (this is an all tube amp by the way) It got down right dirty at times, has a built in phaser, and did have prestine hi's.... But I've never heard of them anyone got a comment

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I had one a long time ago.
It's a serious metal preamp.
Basically two tones ... clean and metal chainsaw.

The unfortunate part is it doesn't have bypass, which would have been really nice with a tube amp.

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Ahh, memories! The Mace was the first serious amp I ever owned and the first amp I did a bar gig with. A REALLY loud amp. It has a great clean channel, the OD channel was ok for the classic and southern rock I was doing down in FL in the late '70s/early '80's, but sounded better using a distortion pedal through the clean channel. The reverb sounded rather "boingy", and certainly didn't compare to a Twin. As I recall, the OD channel had quite a bit of "hiss" when the gain was cranked. Never did care for the built-in phase shifter effect much. Overall, as with most Peavey gear, it's a great "bang for the buck". If you need loud, the Mace certainly delivers, especially if it has the original Black Widow 12's that many Maces came with as mine did.



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The Mace and Deuce are not actually all tube- they have SS preamps and tube power sections. They are killer pedal amps, I keep a Deuce for any high volume gigs. I use it about once every 6 months- it is LOUD. I almost killed a buddy's 50 watt Marshall with it. As a guitar-to-amp type amp, it isn't good; the overdrive is awful, and any effects onboard are questionable. I kinda like the reverb, personally. You have to apply it carefully, a little goes a long way.

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I had one from the early seventies, great amp. Gary Rossingtons amp of choice from Lynard Skynard!

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