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Hiwatt solid state amp dead

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Hello, Just wondering if anyone could help me

I have a HiWatt Maxwatt G20R (20W) (Solid-state) amp that has just died. When i turn it on, there is a constant humming noise, and no signals are picked up from my guitar. The Humming noise even comes on, when there is even no lead plugged into the input.

This happened after i attempted to connect the amp to my PC (Was trying to record some stuff). I stuck in a 6.5 mm lead into the External speaker jack, and then using an 3.5mm adapter plugged it in to my line-in port of my sound card. I might of touched the PC case with the wire as well, - which may of shorted it. The external jack has writing in brackets stating 4-8 Ohms. Im a total noob when it comes to Amps, however i can do some basic wiring and soldering.