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Good morning everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted but I've been busy with life in general and taking lessons. I received a Carvin PA800 for Christmas along with (2) Carvin 822 12" passive speakers. I also received lots of mics., cables and monitor speakers also, it was a complete system and quite impressive. At the moment and I think for quite awhile I want this system to remain in my music room where I can plug in as I feel the need to be amplified. My question is do you think the speakers are too big for this situation? The room is roughly 12' x 20'. I went to a small show last month in an art gallery and the acoustic guitarists were playing through some smaller speakers mounted to the wall and they sounded great. I guess I'm more interested in sound quality than loudness any suggestions? :wink:


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Speakers can never be too big. I have 6" cones in a room a quarter the size of yours

A :-)

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