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Just had our first ...
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Just had our first rocking gig...

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My band, Last to Leave, has been playing small jazz gigs for the past year and today we got to let loose at a block party. We were afraid it might rain, but we prepared well. We set up an 8x8 party tent over the drum set and a 12x12 over the rest of the band. I had my Fender HRD at about 4 or 5 and my new "Pedal Board of Death" playing with my Gibson SG, and the tone just came together great.

We played some Chili Peppers, Beatles, Pink Floyd, CCR, Hendrix, SRV, and a little Miles Davis. The party was really getting into it and then when we ran out of songs they wanted more. We repeated some of our earlier stuff, and then played Money, Little Wing, and Sunshine of Your Love unrehearsed.

We weren't getting paid, but we made 41 dollars each in tips.

So fun.