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mini / mp3?

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Hello all,

I have a query about the pro's and cons of mini disc players and mp3 players for live performance. My girlfriend is about to start gigging in local pubs and clubs. She will be singing over audio backing tracks (mp3's). She is unsure whether to use a mini disc player or mp3 player for this venture. The p.a is all sorted.
Iknow this isn't at all guitar related, though I will be going along with my guitar quite a bit and backing her too, but any help / advice would be appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.


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I know of a couple musicians that use mini disk players just for what your asking about. being their a one man band, they play against the tracks they recorded and it works just fine. One of them told me he liked using the mini disk because he had better control of the sound. On occasion I do use one for recording when I get called out for a jam with a band, because the one I have is rack mounted. It works great for that. For live work I have not used it though.

The thing to do would be to try either way and see which way works best for your application.