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Need help hooking up a B-52 AT100 half stack please

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First time trying to hook something like this up. I have a B-52 AT-100/AT-412 100W Tube Guitar Half Stack:

Couldn't find a pic of the cab but it has two connectors. For mono, the left is 4 ohms and the right is 16 ohms. Stereo, they're both 8 ohms. Right by the connectors, there's a switch for stereo or mono.

Like an idiot I thought I could hook this up myself. So after looking at the instruction manual, I hooked up two seperate 1/4" unshielded 6' speaker cables from the parallel jacks to the left and right connectors on the cab. I set the impedence switch on the headto 16 ohms and the cab to stereo. I figured since I'm using it as stereo and they're 8 ohms each as stereo this would be the correct setting. There was a foot switch that came with the head so I plugged that thing in, then my guitar into the "low" input (there's two on the front, low and high). I turned it on and heard no sound whatsoever. The volume levels on the had and my guitar weren't all the way down so I figured the tubes needed to warm up. Tried again after 5, 10, 30 minutes and nothing still.

So I unhooked the foot switch and still got nothing. I tried taking out the left speaker cable and set the cable to mono, leaving the right 16 ohm connection. Still nothing. didn't even hear that faint humming noise from the cabinet, though I did hear a faint humming from the head. All the tubes were lit up and the standby switch wasn't on.

Am I just not hooking this thing up right or do I have bad equipment? Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Never mind, found the problem. For the benefit of anyone with a similar problem, it was the standby switch. By default it's down which means it's set to standby. You have to move it up to the "on" position to turn standby off.

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I think you need to check the manual for the correct speaker setting and impedance.
If I understand this right, in stereo the cab is 8 ohms each side, which is 4 ohms in parallel.

Don't worry, using the wrong impedance in an amp isn't very bad. It will, however, sound much better with the right impedance setting.

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