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Recommend me a new amp

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ah, the end of summer - my favourite time of year. a new exciting college year beckons and my bank account swells after a summer of all work and no fun.
as has become the custom, it is time to celebrate with some new guitar gear :-) and this year it's the turn of the amp.

so, here's what i need.
combo or head - not important (would almost prefer a head as it'll be mostly used as a practice/di recording amp for the time being)
hybrid or modelling amp as opposed to solid state
loud enough to use with a drummer and possibly to play small pub gigs without the aid of a pa
footswitchable dual channels (or more) with independant eq
effects loop - i use a looper pedal so a pre-dsp loop wont work for me
headphone out

budget: in or around 300 euro

so there you go - lets hear some suggestions :-)

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