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Using a bass amp fo...
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Using a bass amp for rythym guitar

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I've been looking at used amps and have noticed bass amps are somewhat cheaper than electric guitar amps. Is it possible to use a bass amp for a Strat clone? Any disadvantages?

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I recently acquired a Fender Musicmaster Bass amp, a 1971 model. It's a tube amp, 12 watts, 12" (aftermarket) speaker. It's just about the max size for what I want to lug around, too. ("You Might Be Too Old To Rock And Roll If... You go shopping for an amp and the number 1 priority is that it's not heavy enough to throw your back out!")
It rocks!
I've read reviews that say the MM isn't that great a bass amp (others disagree with that), but they think it makes a good guitar amp. I haven't tried it with a bass, but the MM and my Squier "Bullet Special" seem to get along well. Tonight I might spend some quality time with my Jay Turser Hawk 12 and the Dyna/Ross (Analog Man mod) compressor that "lives with" the 12-string. Gonna try for that Roger McGuinn sound. 8)
There are modifications you can do to it that are supposed to make it better for guitar. I'm still trying to get info from people who have actually modded their MM.
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in the old days Bassman amps were very popluar to run teles through.
I think the speaker size (over 10") had something to do with it.

I imagine some tones would be killer. but I have to think that there has to be some limitations on frequencies.
I think the high freqs would sound not very bright.
something like rolling a tone pot to bleed off all the treble on a guitar.

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Yes you can. I have a Modified Old Fender bassmen that that will bring tears to the eye's and pain in your heart for tone. can't speak for the newer SS amps. Look around see if you can't get your hands on a older tube bass amp. Ampeg, Fender, etc. I think you'll be impressed with the sound.