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Vocal Amp

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I've been jamming for a while with a few guitarists and we recently invited a drummer and a bassist. The problem is that now we are so loud that we can't hear the vocals. We were using a small 25 watt bass amp with a microphone before, but now it's completely drowned out. Does anyone have a suggestion for a low cost solution? I have a small powered mixer (Behringer UB802) and a microphone. Can I just buy a speaker to hook up to the mixer?

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The UB802 is not a powered mixer in that it doesn't have a built-in power amp . You will need some kind of amp and a speaker or you can buy what is called an active speaker . An active speaker is a power amp and speaker in one cabinet . There is no cheap way to get either option , probably $200-$300 for an active speaker and $350-$400 for separate components . Another option is to look for something used , cheaper but riskier because of a lack of warranty . You will want at least 125 watts of power and more if you can afford it .

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There are several ways to go, but the cheapest and most simple way to go :
seems like it would work well for a small band. You really won't even need to bring your little mixer. You can plug your mic straight into that behringer

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I think I'll start by looking for something used.

Thanks for your help!!!

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If you are really on a tight budget, you could go with something like this to start.

Nady xa-300 Power amp

This will give you 150 watts per side at 4 ohms. Most speakers are 8 ohms, so you could run 2 mains and 2 monitors off each side for a 4 ohms load. This will just get you there. Really, the band needs to come down, there is nothing worse than a band that plays so loud that you cannot hear the singer clearly. You may think super loud is great, most crowds don't. :x

As for speakers, these Kustom speakers are really pretty good starting out.

Kustom 15" floor monitors

Now, you probably noticed those are floor monitors, I listed those on purpose. Trust me, buy floor monitors to start and here's why:

As your band progresses, in the future you will want to buy better speakers and amps. If you buy regular main speakers, you will just end up not using these first ones. With floor monitors, you can use them for your Mains now. As you can see, they have pole mounts. So use these for your Mains now. Later, if you want to buy higher grade Main speakers, you will have these Kustoms for your floor monitors.

I have heard these Kustoms a few times, in fact I have played several jams with David Hodge and he used these Kustoms. They really sounded quite good.

But the band needs to come down. I don't care if you have a 10,000 watt PA, if everybody cranks their guitar and bass amps to max, you will never hear the singer.

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you can always check the craigslist in your area for used items or go down to your local music shop and see what's posted on the bulletin boards - also gives you a chance to check out what they're trying to sell there and how much you should think about putting down - blackdiamond13 @ Jemsite

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