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White Horse GT260 120W DSP Guitar Amp

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Hey There :)

i'm contemplating a new amp and i came across this ...

I've converted the units from inches to Centimeters and i still cant figure out how big/small the cabs are for it
its a 120watt head but i need to know how bug the speakers are... but i cant get a clear view on it D:

Can ANYONE suggest a cab that is roughly the same size so i can compare?

Be massively grateful if someone can help me :)


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It does tell you in the last line of the features summary that they're 12" speakers

And - the "GT12" speaker cab spec also gave the game away

Why on earth are you converting things to centimeters?

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Because i found it easier to measure it up with my amp with a ruler. and because it is only Centimeters on my ruler, it was easier to measure against.

i'm new to cabs.. i want a new amp that has the sound quality and also the power to play live rather than just at the studio.