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As I'm new here, why not introduce myself. My name is Richard and I've been checking these forums out for a while but only now have decided to register. It seems like a pretty cool place to be. I've been playing guitars for around three years now. I'm 16 now, so I started around 13. Music-wise I'm pretty diverse but my favorite is Power Metal. All types of it. Stuff like Thy Majestie and Zonata. Anything with a medieval flare to it. A lot of Ambient Doom Metal, stuff like Agalloch. Some Black and some Death Metal. I also like a lot of Classical music. Anything with Nylon String guitars and piano. I'd still consider myself a beginner at guitar, but now that I'm taking it seriously I'm sure I'll find a lot of help through here. Right now my collection is made of; Schecter C-1 E/A, Squier II Stratocaster (Anyone know anything about this guitar? I found it at a thrift store. Haha,) Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Fender Telecaster Custom (dual humbucker), and a B.C. Rich NJ Series Warlock with some EMG HZs' thrown in. Right now I'm after some PRS SEs! Especially that Paul Allender model that should be out soon. That purple burst is amazing. Amp-Wise I'm on the poor side, I've got a 10 Watt B.C. Rich amp and a Krank Revolution One Stack...(The Krank is number #0071. I got it from a friend who is in a famous band for $600. It's got something wrong with it though...I turned it on one day and the cable connecting the Head and Cab were disconnected! It won't take any replacement Fuses! They just pop! Any ideas?) I really don't have a 'bedroom' amp. I'm looking at the Epiphone Valve Junior head at the moment, but I'm sure I won't be able to get a good distortion from a tube amp at low volumes so I'm still looking around at amps. Well, I'm sure that's all there is to say about me... :shock:

Posted : 28/02/2007 3:15 am
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Welcome to GN. You sure have aggressive taste in guitars. PERFECT!!!

For me, a good bedroom amp would be the Behringer V-amp2 or a Digitech GNX3000 and a set of nice headphones.

Rock on!!!


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Posted : 28/02/2007 5:35 am
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Welcome to GN


Posted : 28/02/2007 9:18 am
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Hi Richard. Welcome to GN.


Posted : 28/02/2007 2:29 pm
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Welcome to GuitarNoise, Richard! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Posted : 28/02/2007 2:46 pm
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glad you decided to join us Richard....welcome

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Posted : 28/02/2007 3:11 pm
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Hello Richard! If you get you amp fixed, Krank sells their own distortion pedal you could use at low volumes. :D

Posted : 28/02/2007 10:48 pm
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Welcome aboard! Glad you decided to join the party! 8)


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Posted : 28/02/2007 11:46 pm