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Hello! Utah newbie here

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Hey just wanted to say hello, am looking forward to making new friends and learning as we go.

I am getting a late start in life with guitar playing, (im 56, but with a 20 year old mind) and am jazzed about getting this off my bucket list!!

I have been looking for sometime for just the right guitar, understanding that my first unit doesnt have to be a concert quality item, but at the same wanting to spend time playing and learning, not tuning and being frustrated. Today, have researched all of the guitars in my price range ($200-$300), I set off to my local guitar center to take a look at my 6 top picks. On my list was the Yamaha FG 700 and a couple of Alvarez, an Epiphone Special Edition, Washburn and a few others.

Imagine my surprise when upon getting home, I fired up the local "for sale" website I had been checking out for the the last several weeks...and what to my wondering eyes did i find, freshly posted in the last minute? A Yamaha FG730!! :D I hadnt really considered this unit because it was at the top end of the list, but..I had strummed out a few easy chords at the GC and was so impressed I was beginning to consider it. the best news was this guy was only asking $150 for it. It is in brand new condition and plays wonderfully!!

So...long way to go to make my point, but sometimes research and patience does pay off...or maybe I was just meant to have this fine instrument. Looks forward to more conversations with u all!

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Sounds good!

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I was 56 once. And I have a mind like a 7 year old. I'm jealous. Anyway, I started learning guitar pretty much about the same age as you and it's been a really nice journey so far. The begining was a bit discouraging because I took the worst route possible, I tried to teach myself. Welcome to Guitar Noise and best of luck to you!