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Knockin On Heavens Door

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Hi all and thanks for theis site. I am fairly new and would love it if there was a tutorial for Knockin on HEavens Door laid out similar to Heart of Gold in the beginner songs section. Does anybody out there have this?


Posted : 25/01/2006 12:40 pm
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I play the Guns and Roses version onj my radio and use only G C & D in that order On my acoustic guitar. It was the first song i learned. I starterd with 2 down strokes per cord change and then i started adding more to it slowly maybe that will help. I have only been playing about 6 months maybe someone else has some suggestions. Goodluck

Posted : 13/02/2006 5:45 am
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Try this link

Here is to you as good as you are
And here is to me as bad as I am
As good as you are and as bad as I am
I'm as good as you are as bad as I am

Posted : 13/02/2006 6:38 am