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Hello, My names Dustan. I've been playing guitar since 2004, although about 2 years ago I set the instrument down and did not play but here and there. Well anyways this past weekend a friend of mine who I used to informally help teach and jam with dropped by with his guitar and we ended up jamming for 6 hours :). Now that I having matured not only in age but in musical taste quite a bit I have developed a love for guitar all over again. Wanting to further my knowledge and get involved in the guitar community once again; I began perusing guitar forums around the web yesterday. This is the one I feel offers the most to me and hopefully I can offer back to.


Like I said my Names Dustan, I live in southern NY
music styles jump all over the charts really into classic and bluesy rock at the moment

My guitar "C.C. Speakeasy" is a carvin H2, mahogany body with a maple neck (have a few others but nothing special)
current amp is a cheap fender 25r, also have a Crate GX212
dont have much for effects anymore, an old eq pedal with no name on it (i would date it from the 1970s) and a Big muff distortion pedal.

as for recording eqp
Software - Adobe addition, Fruity loops, Toontrack easy drummer
Soundboard - Behringer Xenyx 1204
Mic - Carvin CTM100 (All tube condenser mic)

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Hey Dustan, glad you came! :D

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