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Becoming the Addict
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Becoming the Addict

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I have been addict since long ago.

Now, becoming officially.

Thanks everyone and I am hoping for better times in future. :D


Posted : 09/07/2008 4:14 pm
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Congrats Rahul!

Thank you for all your posts! :D

Posted : 09/07/2008 4:23 pm
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Posted : 09/07/2008 5:11 pm
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All right, Rahul!

"A cheerful heart is good medicine."

Posted : 09/07/2008 6:47 pm
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congratulations Rahul. Thanks for sticking around. You are part of what makes guitarnoise what it is.

Posted : 09/07/2008 6:59 pm
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to a fellow addict....I really like you being around here.

Posted : 09/07/2008 7:09 pm
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Insanity is but a few posts away.

A ;-)

"Be good at what you can do" - Fingerbanger"
I have always felt that it is better to do what is beautiful than what is 'right'" - Eliot Fisk
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Posted : 09/07/2008 8:26 pm
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Welcome to the Rehab Rahul

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" It's easier than waiting around to die" Townes Van Zandt

Posted : 09/07/2008 8:33 pm
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Yabba dabba doo!! :lol:


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

Posted : 09/07/2008 9:34 pm
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Welcome to the Worldwide club of GN addicts. You've done a great job as the "New Delhi Correspondent" - maybe you're Ambassador Rahul now?



Posted : 09/07/2008 10:54 pm
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Way to go!

"I wonder if a composer ever intentionally composed a piece that was physically impossible to play and stuck it away to be found years later after his death, knowing it would forever drive perfectionist musicians crazy." - George Carlin

Posted : 10/07/2008 12:15 am
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Ahhhhhh ... but it's a good addiction isn't it?

"Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard,
grow big, wear glasses if you need 'em."
-- The Webb Wilder Credo --

Posted : 13/07/2008 10:50 am
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Congrats, Rahul! Hey, just think - in another five and a half thousand posts or so, you'll be the Delhi Lama.....

I'm not sure, but I think you're only the second lefty to become an addict behind DHodge, so you're in good company! I know, Twisted Lefty's a lefty - but I think he plays right-handed....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

Posted : 13/07/2008 11:11 am