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Layed Off!

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Well its taken just a short time for the economy to take its toll on me. My company let 7 of 10 people in my department go yesterday. Many, many others throughout the building. It was horrible. There were approximately 250 people on my floor. At least 1/3 were let go. :cry: Looks like I'm going to be going on interviews! Hope all is well with you all!

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Posted : 09/01/2009 1:24 am
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Sorry to hear the bad news and I hope you're soon able to find a position you like.

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Posted : 09/01/2009 1:44 am
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Yeah, I'm sorry to hear it. Good luck with the interviews!

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Posted : 09/01/2009 1:49 am
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Ouch! Harsh! I managed to survive mine, but I was seriously thinking of re-locating to stay in television and be away from here.

Here's to 2009 being a better year for all, good luck in your interviews, and best wishes in making it through this.

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Posted : 09/01/2009 3:03 am
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That's sad.

You know where we are if you ever need a reference.

A :-)

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Posted : 09/01/2009 8:02 am
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Sorry to hear about your lay off. Good luck on your new job search.


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Posted : 09/01/2009 9:57 am
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sorry to hear. the unemployment reports come out today. I count my blessings and hope that I am essential at work.

Posted : 09/01/2009 10:26 am
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Sorry to hear, hope this opens up a door to something better for you.


Posted : 09/01/2009 11:34 am
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Thanks all. TL, that's the way I am approaching it. One door has closed but another has opened. It feels strange to be out of work. I was in that job for 14 years. I'm still kind of numb right now. Its as if I am in a bad dream.

Teamwork- A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.

Posted : 09/01/2009 12:14 pm
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Hate to hear about that blue, there's some jobs down here in Nashville and I'm getting ready to rent my condo out. If you want to move down, I'll give you a guitarnoise discount. :D

I had the "economy" meeting w/ my bosses Monday and our company is looking like it will weather the storm ok. We've got a lot of work on the backlog, but we are going to play it cautious for the next 6 months and see what happens. The down side is that we were going to be starting a project and bringing in some consultants to work on it and that got postponed. I have 2 open positions (1 left, I had to fire the other one last year for performance reasons) on my team that we aren't going to fill, so instead of a development team, it's a development duo. I'm not complaining, I'm very lucky that I have a job and I feel like that job is pretty secure. I've been layed off 3 times in the past 15 years and it sucks!

Look on the bright side, you'll have some extra guitar playing time until you find something!

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Posted : 09/01/2009 12:48 pm
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Sorry to hear about that, Blueline. What line of work are you in?


Posted : 09/01/2009 1:19 pm
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Sorry to hear that Blueline and good luck in your new job search. I do hope you find something better.

I have had 2 "real" jobs in my life -- trying to become a fine, upstanding American citizen instead of a lowly musician with no security or benefits.

I got canned from the first one (downsizing) and later a lay-off from a company (I had 5 years in, they offed everybody up to 15 years). Fortunately I was playing music on the weekends for both jobs so I was in circulation and able to get more music gigs to help ease the pain (along with unemployment benefits).

I went back to playing music for a living, and haven't looked back since.

Due to the economy, we lost 3 gigs this year. All one nighters and I've recovered half the money. We also have fewer gigs than last year.

Hang in there, keep looking, and something will come your way.


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Posted : 09/01/2009 1:39 pm
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sorry to hear about that blueline!! Best of luck

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Posted : 09/01/2009 2:15 pm
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"Good to see this place being shook up, Boss. Time to make that silk purse out of a sow's ear. If you need any help with our new mode just let me know."

Among other things...I've got a cattle business happening in a few countries (Beefalo Worldwide Corporation). When we "pulled our arms and legs in" I was hard pressed to find new paradigms. Some employees were just deaf and dumb and toed the dirt...others came to me with some fresh ideas.

Who do you think will stay...and who is gonna go????????

Be proactive, Matt!!! Besides...even if the worst've got a fretboard with all them thar notes! I can't tell you how many times it's saved my own butt! :wink:


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Posted : 09/01/2009 7:09 pm
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Sorry to hear about your being laid off, Blueline!

My boyfriend was recently laid off, as well. He decided not to pursue another 9 to 5, but to focus on making a living from his music instead. He and one of his bands is completely revamping their playlist to appeal to a larger audience, getting an agent and hitting the road. I'll miss him when he's gone, but I'll be happy knowing that he's doing what he has always wanted to do. He was in a high stress job before (drafting engineer at an aviation parts design/manufacturer) and the change in him in just the last month is amazing! I've known him for more than 30 years and I've NEVER seen him this relaxed and happy before! So, that just goes to prove the old adage "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"! So, get out there and start squeezing!!


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Posted : 09/01/2009 9:35 pm
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