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RIP Davy Jones

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Just heard it on the radio...

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Remember waiting every week to see The Monkeys

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Loved the Monkees as a kid.
Then went through a stretch where I was embarrassed I'd liked them.
But a good pop song is a good pop song!
My fave was Pleasant Valley Sunday.



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Wow... really young to pass. I still listen to them ocassionally, there is a great bluegrass version of "Take the Last Train to Clarksville" by the Grascals in case you have not seen this:

They even mention the Monkee's in the video.

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Very sad news.

RIP, Davy.


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All I can say is, thank you Davy for the music and the fun you gave me when I was a might be over 40 years ago now, but I still remember the things that gave me a buzz whenI was a kid - Batman was the other biggie round about that time.RIP Davy, and thanks for the music, the laughter and the great memories.


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My cousin was a huge Monkees fan. A sad moment.

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Yes, this a shame. The Monkees was was a great show.