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So i played tonight...
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So i played tonight, in public..

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and screwed up hehehe


it wasnt that bad a screw up, i was nervous, i was out of my comfort zone and it wasnt fully rehearsed with my teacher.


People seemed to think i'd done ok, which was good :)

Did Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars - soon to be on the 'Tube.

Oh, yes, I did enjoy it, even if my left arm did start shaking a little later on hehehe

big thanks to my guitar teacher (forrest - if he reads this) :D

Posted : 19/07/2007 9:42 pm
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Way to go Mike. :D

Sounds like you had fun, that's what it's all about. Plus you learned a valuable lesson.... PRACTICE :D

Keep at it, it gets easier the more you do it.

Congrats again.


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Posted : 19/07/2007 10:15 pm
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Thanks :)

gonna see if i can learn something else for next time - if i could shift chords faster, then there would be plenty for me to play lol

Posted : 19/07/2007 10:21 pm
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Good job, Mike.

You've taken the first step. You'll be taking more steps and as Wes stated, they'll get easier. 8)


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Posted : 20/07/2007 2:02 am
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Mike, we've all been there. Trust me, next time will be easier. Just keep practicing and keep playing out. It will work itself out.

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Posted : 20/07/2007 3:06 pm
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Great feeling gettin' out there, eh? I still remember vividly my first gig 3 years ago. My hands were shaking horribly during the first song.

Were you really nervous the day before and the day you played?

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Posted : 29/07/2007 12:08 am