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What's wrong with drummers?

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He's speaking drummer! I'll try starting a conversation...

HURR DURR I SMOEKED A BOTTEL OF WEWEE hey guys it wud b kewl 2 hv a drum solo in 'n0thingk els matterz' (i luv metallica ROCK ON) wat u tihnk?


Posted : 23/10/2003 2:14 pm
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Seriously though, stick with drum machines. They have more personality.

Posted : 23/10/2003 9:57 pm
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See below for anecdotes.

I'm in a band right now. The drummer is a very good friend of mine. He's also a great drummer. He'll be the first to admit that technically there is a lot of room for improvement (though he's one of the best technical drummers I have played with) but what makes him so good is that he listens and plays into the song.

And there we are: as a singer/performer (rather than guitarist) the drummer is by far the most important person for me to shape up the performance. HE's the one who decides about the rythm and the volume. If I want to speed up, slow down, hush or break out I have to blink to the drummer. If I want to set the pace for the next song or make the song end convincingly, what I need is the drummer. If the guitarist goes out of key, if the bass player slips up a base note, well that's just a hick-up, but if the drummer gets out of rythm, you're in for a cold fever.

During rehearsals I make sure to face the drummer. That says it all.

But in order to please the original post, here's a story about the first real drummer I worked with. We had a huge amount of work to do on our last rehearsal. Who wasn't there on  time, as usual, was the drummer. Rehearsals were at a remote place alongside the river. We set out by car to see if he was somewhere close (this is pre-mobile phone era I'm talking about). We found him about 2 km from the house, wandering about the d i k e. He was drunk and had decided to leave his car halfway. I (17 years old) gave him (30 years old) a sermon that almost brought him back to the world of the sober.

The only other time I was angry with a fellow musician was when we released a single. Our drummer, the same guy, was in control of the production process (he was a school teacher, I was a pupil, the school paid for the record). After months of careful rehearsing and arranging the two songs, he managed to find three ladies one of which sang out of key and smear them all over the record. He actually thought I was going to like it too !

Posted : 30/10/2003 1:28 am
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Seriously though, stick with drum machines. They have more personality.

Late to this thread... ROFLMAO! ;D

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Posted : 30/12/2003 2:11 pm
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Also late on this one but I have to add something.        If you want to see a drum solo you HAVE to see RUSH in concert!!   Neil Peart is unbeliveable!!

" He who forgets, will be destined to remember"... EV...PJ

Posted : 09/01/2004 12:36 am
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I used to play goalie for my hockey team back in the day.  I play the 6 string though.  alwell.  My drummer is a pretty cool guy.  Just has a problem with getting stoned all the time lol

Posted : 30/01/2004 12:04 am
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I wish I could find a drummer at all for my band...

"I had these dreams that I would learn to play guitar, maybe cross the country, become a rock star"

Posted : 08/02/2004 8:25 pm
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And that's a problem?

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Posted : 09/02/2004 12:12 pm
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Also late on this one but I have to add something.        If you want to see a drum solo you HAVE to see RUSH in concert!!   Neil Peart is unbeliveable!!

I have to agree with you there, Niel Peart is fantastic, his solo went on for over 5 minutes, it just went on and on. Rush was my number 1 band I bought 2112 when it came out was a fan until just after Spirit of the Radio came out..

When I watched the RIO Live DVD I was gobsmacked at their levels of endurance, it was 90 minutes before they took a break and then another 90 minutes before the end. 3 hours of music solid Rush with a lot of the old favorites.... well worth watching if you can :)


Posted : 23/03/2004 1:09 pm
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Erm that was from me ^^^^ forgot to log on :/ (not that anyone cares like :) :)


Posted : 23/03/2004 1:12 pm
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The drummer i know which has been in a few different bands (not because he wasn't good) but i can't remember the latest name. Anyway when i went to see him he would always look for me at the pool table and go off on this CRAZY drum solo(not just cause i was their but for some reason he liked putting me in the spotlite). He would start at the drums and work his way over to me STILL drumming- floors, peoples glass, ect..... and then my pool stick i would just hold it out and he would go off on it to the point i thought that something was going to break and then......he would work his way back to the stage and act like nothing ever happen. Of course he had a sh-t eatin' grin on his face.

Joe Sulivan was his name... drums were his game!

Posted : 26/03/2004 1:09 am
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The problem with drummers is there are too few of them

Posted : 12/04/2004 5:54 pm
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drummers rock


Posted : 18/04/2004 2:18 am
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Anyone who takes the p**s out of drummers should

A) get behind a drum kit and try it themselves

B)Shut the **** up


PS i put the asterisks in myself

Posted : 20/04/2004 10:13 pm
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I actually started my musical life as a drummer when I was just a wee child.  Didn't take up guitar until my teens.  At first, guitar was just a cool sideline.  Wanted more melodic challenge, so I went for mallet instruments, and more guitar.  Started making money at music.  Started teaching percussion, then guitar.  Thought it was cool to double on two diverse instruments, a la Jack de Johnette.  Started craving more harmonic material... found mallets too limiting.  Trashed the drums for just guitar.  Got interested in composing, studied piano seriously for quite some time.  Decided that I could get the same bang for the buck on 5 more years of guitar that I could on 20 more years of piano.

Still play percussion sometimes (sit in on tympani with a local orchestra).  Still play piano sometimes - heck, it takes up so much space in the living room it's hard to miss when I get up in the morning.  Still play guitar, every day without fail.

Nothing wrong with drummers.  Some of them play guitar.

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Posted : 22/04/2004 4:18 am
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