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Amp vs Amp Modelling Software

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Hey, I've recently been conducting research into how close amp modelling software can get to replicate real guitar amps. From this I've created a quick blind test to see if you can tell the difference! All the clips use the exact same settings on the ampfliers and modelling software, the same microphone (SM57) and the same microphone placement, no other effects are added as this would distort the signal from the amp. The test isn't to identify the best quality tone, but rather to see if their is a noticeable different between the two approaches.


I would really appreciate it if any of the guitarists on here spare a few minutes to complete my short test on Amps Vs. Amp Modelling Software for my university dissertation

Feel free to leave any feeddback, and message me if you want to know the answers

Thanks a lot!!

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Maybe a bit late, but you need to redesign your survey.

First I listen to two clips in one video, clip 1 and clip 2, then asks which one the real amp was. The problem is that the answers are Amp or Software when it should be clip 1 or clip 2.

This topic interests me as I can't stand the sound of digital modeling at all, but it's very practical. I mean the difference shouldn't be that big when the analog sound is recorded digital anyway, but it's just the lack of air moving I can't get past.

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