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Anybody else up this time of night?

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I'm up because this pain in my arm and wrist is killing me. I played a full barre chord song (Beautiful sung by Christine Aguilera) and right afterwards my wrist just felt 'broken.' But it's not broken because it's not swollen. It even hurts to type this. It's the weirdest feeling. I expect the doctors will just tell me to stop using it for awhile and not be able to treat it. I've rubbed the RubA535 - Antiphlogistine - into it but the relief is only temporary. My guitar playing is definitely out of the question until this clears up. Monday I'm going to a chiropractor-homeopathic-naturopathic practitioner so I hope it'll be cleared up after that. I took Bextra before when it happened but that drug is now off the market for causing heart failures. Bloody doctors what do they know anyway?
Pray a guitar players' prayer for me tonight will ya? I need it.

Put some ice on it, keep it elevated. BTW It doesn't have to be swollen to be broke, but i don't think you broke it playing barre chords. the chiropractor is a great idea, they will probably x-ray it just to be safe. I'm to the guitar alter to pray for you LOL

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