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best blink 182 album

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Ain't no way!

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Gotta hand it to ya KP, had me goin there for a bit.
but you pulled it out at the end ( :wink: 182)
(emoticons count as topical referance?)


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They had more than one album?

I vote for the one that had the Billy Idol "Dancin' With Myself" remake.

-=- Steve

"If the moon were made of ribs, would you eat it?"

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OH, and just to be topical, who's Blink 182? And is it just me or is discussing grammar in a thread about a band that used the word "ur" while not refering to a city of ancient Sumer kind of ironic?

Actually, the poster screwed this up (note the dangling prep). The title is usually catalogued as 'Take-off Your Pants and Jacket' or similar, but appears as a rebus on the album cover:

So, it would appear that Blink 182 has nothing to do with Mesopotamia.

-=tension & release=-

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