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Epiphone Les Paul or Other

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Just want to throw this out to the group and get some opinions and some experiences. I am thinking of buying a Epiphone Les Paul (cannot afford a Gibson) and have a few models that I have priced but not tried yet. I am thinking of Either the LP 100 Bolt on Neck, the les Paul Studio, the Les Paul Standard Plaintop or the E335 Dot Semi Hollow Body. :-/ I presently own a Fender ShowMaster, a Seagull Acoustic ( made in Quebec which has a great sound) a Cube 20 and a Fender G-Dec Amp.
I live in Canada so of course I pay more then I would if I live in the States.
I am retired and live on my pension so cannot spend vast amounts of money on my equipment, I have a wife who also has her hobbies.
In Canada at one of our biggest dealers the prices are LP-100 $350, Les Paul Studio $530, Les Paul Standard $665 and the ES335 Semi Hollow Body $545.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

sully007 From Canada

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Hi sully, welcome aboard! I too have been in the market for a similar guitar, & am watching my funds as well. I believe I have settled on one of the following;

1) Rondo music's Douglas Shadow for $119 -

2) Guitar Fetish's Xaviere XV-700 for $219 -

I have heard both of them played online, the both sound full & rich, as near as I can tell. On other forums, the Xaviere XV-700 gets good reviews. I have not played either on, so I cannot comment from firsthand experience, but I know rparker has an Xaviere 500 that he really likes.

Just throwin' it out there - Let us know what you choose. I personally am leaning towards the Xaviere XV-700 myself.


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Those are all good choices for a guitar. The only one I would steer clear of would be the bolt on neck, that is just personal preference for me though. What type of music are you planning on playing? What do you want out of the guitar?

I would personally shop used and you can save quite a bit on an equally amazing instrument. I see some of the Epi dots in pawn shops sometimes going for fairly cheap.

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Many people around these parts love the Agile. I've played the Xaviere once and it wasn't bad straight out of the box. Might get it soon for a couple of weeks to do a set up on it for a friend.

I've got the Epi LP Custom and love it. There was a thread a while back kind of related. Epi LPs vs PRS SE Single Cuts. It'd be worth a read to you.

Leaning to the 700, Kat? It's gotta be easier on the shoulders than the 500. That thing weighed a ton. Sustained forever though. I'm kind of eyeing that 900 a little. I don't have a semi in the arsenal yet. Maybe the 910 with the p-90's. That'll all have to wait a while though. :cry:

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I've been a fan of Epis for a while now and have three of them. However, I think recent large price increases for them mean that you don't really get value for money now (an LP model I'd had my eyes in December was AU$800 and by the end of January had jumped to AU$1200).

Agiles from Rondo are getting huge raps around the forums (even the Epiphone forum!) particularly the 3000/3100 series. I don't have one but they would definitely be on the top of my consideration list if I was looking for a new guitar (I spent the money I had saved for the above Epi on an Australian-made Cole Clark 'Fat Lady' acoustic - a beautiful, beautiful guitar).

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Another fan of the Agiles from Rondo here. I've got an AL-2500 goldtop with 3 P-90s in the basement that I bought for my boy, and it's a mighty nice guitar! I don't recommend the Gibson 3-pickup system, which always combines the two pickups nearest the bridge on the selector switch but has a separate volume control for each pickup and a single tone, but it would be absolutely killer with the usual two. Heavy, though!

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I have an Epi Les Paul Standard. It was my first electric. I like very much that guitar. I only have a minor complaint and it is on its weight. To me it is not comfortable if you play several hours, I prefer my Strat.

Concerning the tone, I like it, too. Perhaps the pick ups and electronics could be improved (in fact I thought on it some time ago but I didn't change them).

When I bought it, the salesman told me that the difference between some Epi models are basically 'cosmetic': the components are the same but they add some elements like some details in the borders, the markers, etc. Currently there are more models and Epiphone reduced the weight in some of them (I guess it will also affect to the tone, sustain, etc.).

On the other hand, the 335 is one of my favorite guitars. I only tried it in the stores but the semi hollow body adds a special attractive.

I'd try all the guitars that you mention and also, if you can find them, the suggested ones by the other members.

And welcome to GN!

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As for semihollows, my personal favorite electric guitar is my Agile AS-820 that's a 335 clone, but mine has P-90s. They make a run of those now and then.

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I have an Epi LP Standard....I loved the tone, especially for slide in the neck position.
After six months I changed the PUs to Gibson 57 humbuckers the tone change is subtle more ballsy. I don't reget changing PUs or having the Epi LP.

The only thing missing from my guitar is the word Gibson on the headstock.......I'd play it out regardless. Good guitar.