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Fender Jazz Bass

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Which Jazz bass from Fender do you guys prefer..........USA or MIM and why your choice? Thanks.


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CIJ. "Crafted in Japan." The Fender Geddy Lee Jazz model in particular. Why? The feel of the neck (slimmer than typical). And CIJ quality is very good. 8)

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I'm looking for a used Mexican Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass .

It has upgraded Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups, Master volume, pan, plus 3-band active EQ controls.

And you can find them used for cheaper than a standard Mexican. It has to be black though 8)

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I play a Standard Fender Jazz. It's my first and only bass, and I love it. It has been nothing but reliable, and I love the sound.

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I rock a MIM J Bass in "midnight wine" and it suits me just fine. The pickups buzz every once in a while under extreme lighting, but for the price (given to me by one who couldn't find the time to play it) the sound is lovely, especially with flatwounds on it.

My dad has a Deluxe Active Jazz close to the one of which Riff Raff speaks, but it came before the Vintage Noiseless pickup upgrade went down. Still an excellent bass if you're into the active thing. Oh, Riff'll be happy to know that it's black 8)

A friend of mine has the American Jazz and from what I've heard and felt, the Mexi's a far better value

I haven't any experience with the CIJ stuff, but the Geddy Lee's appearance has always been quite attractive.

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Made in Japan. I wouldn't be able to say with the others - mine is the only one I have played and it kicks ass. I want another......

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I checked out basses this last weekend at Dave's Guitar Shop in LaCrosse,Wisconsin.
those Squire basses looked good. the mexican basses looked good. the american Fenders looked good.
the Squire bass's fret ends were sharp and unfinished; they ripped my hand apart. same with the other low end Fenders. the American Fender was a dream. the feel was excellent.
I would get the Mexican Fender jazz bass, because of the lower price. I could file the fret ends. the feel and electronics seemed fine. not a bad deal for four hundred.

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You can also take a look at yamaha basses.